Coaching Concept

Coaching Concept

You will reach the best training progress by focusing on your body awareness. Conventional group fitness classes work with instructions that your conscious mind will forward to your body as a command. This is less sustainable. FlowRow works by paying attention and sensing the movement. You take responsibility for your learning progress yourself. This is sustainable and motivating.

In many conventional group fitness classes, participants try to relieve stress through even more stress: Instructions, high-intensity exercises, total fatigue …

FlowRow relieves stress through well-dosed activity with flowing movements. The stress relieves, you recover quickly and achieve an optimal training effect.

Coaching in a Rowing Boat

The aim of coaching in a rowing boat is to improve your rowing technique in such a way that you will enjoy your sport even more.

On the one hand, we achieve the learning progress by trusting your subconscious body feeling. Your coach will encourage you to do so. On the other hand, we will do exercises tailored to your goals, that will provide you with feedback from reality. Your conscious mind will therefore support the learning of your subconscious mind and body.

You have achieved the desired improvement of your rowing technique when your subconscious mind and body has learned the new movement. This is a continuous learning process.

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